GreenAlert Environmental Newsletter

GreenAlert is a quarterly environmental newsletter that is targeted at the youth mainly in school (between the ages of ten (10) and eighteen (18) years) to be published and distributed by the Green Advocacy Ghana. Statistics give the population of this age group in school to be 3,549,276 which forms about 15.65% of Ghana’s population. Currently there is no readily available material or newsletter dedicated to environment issues and for environmental information and awareness for this special youth group and a significant population. This is partly responsible for the paucity of environmental knowledge and consciousness among the youth on the environment. GreenAlert is therefore expected to fill the void.

The intended purpose of the publication is not only to make environmental information easily available, but also accessible and to stimulate reading interest in the youth on the environment. GreenAlert is expected ultimately to promote a good understanding and appreciation of the environment leading to healthy lifestyle and sustainable livelihoods and an environmentally conscious youth population.

GreenAlert would present environmental issues in the form of short news articles that i) narrate environmental events, processes, phenomena in a story form; ii) highlight current environmental news items and stimulate debate; iii) excite interest and curiosity to want to read more; and iv) motivate the youth to apply environmental knowledge.

The various editions of GreenAlert will carry specific environmental themes, for example forest and wildlife, climate change, water, air, etc with ample illustrations and photographs. However, common and pertinent themes such as waste, climate change will reflect in all editions. The first edition of GreenAlert based on the theme ‘forest and wildlife’ (or plants and animals) is 30% complete. Twenty-five (25) environmental articles and stories have been developed and submitted for technical review and proof reading. Some of the titles include: i) Who protects the rights of the jungle; ii) Trees, the lungs of the earth; iii) Eater gets eaten; iv) Animals in captivity and v) Koliba, the environmentalist. The schedule for the first publication is the second quarter of 2009.

The initial publication is targeted at 20% of the estimated 3,549,276 readership mainly in cities and towns. Green Alert is projected to be subsidized to make it affordable.

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