In March 2012 a team from the Blacksmith Institute and Hunter College CUNY collaborated with GreenAd to introduce a variety of wire stripping technologies and techniques to train and transfer the technology to the e-scrap workers at Agbogbloshie. Five e-scrap workers/burners were initially trained and then extended to some 50 “wire strippers/burners” field testing the equipment. This was followed by another round of training offered to over 200 e-scrap workers by GreenAd, the Raw Materials Group and Partners.



The cable burning at Agbogbloshie and its impacts remain a real threat. The outcome of series meetings with the Greater Accra Scrap Dealers Association (GASDA) on possible ways of eliminating the Copper wire recovery-associated burning eventually pointed to the application of some form of economic mechanism. The preferred mechanism favoured purchasing all obtainable raw cables, in order to make the material unavailable. That meant however, the need to explore an alternative recovery method to burning, such as the use of wire strippers. Second, the alternative method needed to be feasible technologically and economically, and also acceptable to the people. Third, there would be the need for a system to run the purchasing of raw cables, and producing and selling the clean Copper.


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